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Feel the simple elegance of your spaces with the wooden appearance of the Atelier Porcelain Tile Collection and natural color options.


Combining the warm and friendly atmosphere of natural wood with the hygiene, care and use advantages of ceramic, Lata Collection presents nature to places with its most beautiful form.

Natura Wood

Feel the naturalness of texture, wood… The Natura Wood Collection processes the most natural form of wood into ceramic, just like an embroidery. It offers the same warmth and magic with the advantages of ceramic. One of its different shades will definitely fascinate you.


It doesn't matter whether it's indoor or outdoor. The Picasso Collection, which can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, office, or social areas, adds a unique atmosphere to your environment. It can be used both on the wall and on the floor with its wood-like appearance, useful and easy to clean feature.


Woody Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile Collection carries the natural splendor of wood to your spaces with its different color options.